The good News Continues!

The great news and recoveries are continuing still. Yesterday Eric had his 6 month post surgery check up at the Transplant Center. We we’re all alittle anxious to see how well his recovery was going and if he had any adverse effects from it. Well We are posting this to let everyone know that the Nurses and staff at Tampa General Transplant Center still reffer to Eric as the Super Donor! They said he is in perfect health and his tests are better than they were before the Surgery! Needless to say we are all so excited and feeling Blessed for sure. Jeannie is also doing well also, she has been released to her Regular Kidney Dr and has made as good of a recovery as anyone could have. We are truly thankful for all of the love, Prayers and Support we have received from all of you and want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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