That is our word and thought process for the day. We knew there were bound to be glitches in the process but I guess we never really planned for them. We were so excited by the life changing news that we went into denial mode, completely shutting out any thoughts of glithches, bumps in the road, broken links in the chain… Our bubble just popped yesterday leaving us all in the haze. Today is another day and we all have pulled our butts up off the mat and are ready for round two, realizing now that this could be a multiple round, drawn out battle to the finish line. We are now back in the ring of reality and we are waiting in the center of the ring for the bell to ring! We are so blessed to have all of you in our corner and we know with your love and support we can’t lose this battle.

Please keep us in your prayers and please share our website when you have a chance. Everyone of your prayers words of support and donations mean everything to Us.

Love to you all from All of us.

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