Long night ahead

TY everyone who has become an important part of our lives and ty for letting us share our lives with you. We truly believe with all of your Messages, Prayers and support we are where we are now. Please Pray for Eric and Jeannies success tomorrow. I will keep everyone posted on the progress. Love to you all The Lesage/Berman Family

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  1. If only more families were like yours !….Our world would be so much more loving and caring no matter what the situation !…..Your all showing us all the true nature of a loving family with no one left out !…I will be glued to the news on the process of these two brave souls !…….God Bless you Jeannie & Eric !……Also my friend Bubba my prayers for you too !…..And what a beautiful thing having those adorable children by every ones side !!!.!…..All my prayers are floating on down to Inverness for you all ! G0D BLESS !………….. Love,, Louie Turieo Sr, Marlborough, Ma ………

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