Lessons in life

With the time I have at night latley I have time to think about all that has happened in  our lives and am begining to realize what this disease has done for us. The answer is it has taught us some very valuable lessons. First off you will never see us argue about foolish trivial things anymore, we realize how foolish is to do that. We have always loved our Children but enjoy their smiles and company so much more now, if that is possible. We realize just how good we had it when we thought we had it so bad. Trust me on the last point, You don’t have a problem until you are faced with losing everything you have, which when faced with losing it all, seems like so much more in retrospect. So in the words of an old freind, “Laugh,,Have a GOODEN,,& Smile when you can ”  TY everyone for your support, beautiful messages and well wishes and your generous donations.

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