Jeannie and Eric update

Good Morning Everyone, We just wanted to check in and let everyone know theat Jeannie is doing Excellent!
She is returning back to as close to a regular life as she can and has been healing and progressing quicker than expected.
Eric is also Doing Better than expected.
We are still in awe of all the support and love we received over the past months and wanted to thank you all again, You are all Forever in our hearts. Love from all of Us to all of You.

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One Response to Jeannie and Eric update

  1. Eric you are the best son….giving your Kidney to a stranger to give your mother (my best friend) her life back…I really can’t thank you enough…..seeing how well you &your mom is doingdid….My prayers were answered…soon she will be across from me at Bingo &not just her picture. …

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