Transplant Updates

Tomorrow 6/10/2016

Jeannie has her first appointment at Tampa General in 6 months. I will not lie, we are very excited but still have the nervousness about the visit. We are praying that she is still doing good and from a real perspective, just watching her, She is doing just great! Just wanted to keep you all up to date! Praying for a good visit! Thanks everyone who has been involved in our Journey and a special TY to E.P.  for all you have done.


Wow is all We can say. Can you beleive it was exactly 365 days ago today that Jeannie Received her new Kidney? It seems imopssible that it’s been 1 year already since Eric gave the gift of life to his Mom.

We wanted to post this today to let you know that both of them are doing fabulous, Jeannie is doing so well they released her from Tampa General’s Transplant Center 2 months early telling her quote “Well your numbers could not be better and we see no reason for you to come back here, even for your 1 year check up. Go home and enjoy your life and we will see you in 6 months for your new yearly checkup”  Those were the words we thought we would never hear. Jeannie runs around with Chloe and Olivia like a spring Chicken now! We are so blessed and want to thank all of you who have been on this journey with us, We truly could not have done this without all of your love, prayers and support.

So with that, we are going to celebrate today as a 2nd Birthday!

Love and thanks to you all,

Bubba, Jeannie, Eric, Samantha, Jeff, Chloe and Olivia

Great news!

Samantha wrote this today and We wanted to share this:

One year ago today, my mom got results back from a test about her heart.. She was in the clear, but I came to you all and asked for prayers for a kidney to be available.. Little did I know that the following day my parents would receive a phone call that my mother and brother would be going in for some additional testing because they had a chain of donors and recipients in line so that my mom could receive her kidney that would completely change her life. After many years counting every gram of potassium she ate and restricting her food intake, she could not withstand without the help of dialysis.. After getting a tube put in her stomach and doing dialysis from home for over a year she would be free of that and would be able to receive this gift from my brother and a few other incredible donors.

I recap this because I am thankful of where we are today.. Thankful to give my mom high fives today cause her numbers were perfect at the doctors appointment this morning, that I could see her smile cause she was given the ok to live her life like a normal person. Without the many cares we thought she would have to deal with for well over a year of recovery. She is doing fantastic. She is strong and she is someone I will look up to forever. I honestly don’t know of one person who is stronger then her.. My dad comes a very close second as he is her caretaker and he does one hell of a job. We don’t post much about it anymore because the excitement and overwhelming response we got when we first started this journey was incredible. And all we could do was post and post and post about our gratitude… That gratitude continues even if we don’t constantly talk about it.. We want everyone to know that my mom is doing great and that we are still so thankful for all the support, love and strength you all provided for us when we needed you. This goes to the people we have known forever, for a short amount of time and to those who have never physically met us. We love you all and you have a special place in our hearts forever!