4 and a wake up

First off we want to thank everyone who participated in the Jimmy Buffet guitar auction and a special thanks to Gina for your generous bid. I know you will love this guitar, its a beauty.

4 days and a wake up til the transplant. How are we feeling? I would say anxious is the best word to describe it. We are excited for sure but also nervous and confused by the unknown aspect of all of this. We prayed for this day to come and now that it’s getting close we have that feeling of… Yikes, with a smile, We are ready as we could ever be with the let’s do this attitude and we know that with all of the love and prayers we have around us we can only have a successful transplant on the 4th. Thank you to all of you who have sent your loving messages, your heart felt Prayers and you generous donations. All our love and thanks,

Bubba Jeannie and Family

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