Feeling Blessed today

Feeling Blessed today

Can you believe it? It has been 2 Years today simce Jeannie’s Transplant. We can’t believe it’s been that long, seems like yestersay.

She had a checkup last week and she passed with flying colors. Eric and Jeannie will have thier Annual checkup at the end of the month, Eric is also doing super!

It has been a true blessing how well Jeannie has been doing and continues to do. We could not have asked for more. She has done better than we or even the Drs thought she would. I like to tell them it’s because she’s a special person and she bring smiles to everyone she meets.

We want to thank all of you who have been here for Jeannie and have helped with prayers, time and donations. You are still in our hearts and always will be. We could not have made it without you all.

If you follow us on facebook you can see how happy Chloe and Olivia are to have thier Nana with them to love and play with. They are peas in a Pod.

Thanks again for all you do.

Love from,

Bubba, Jeannie, Eric, Samantha, Jeff, Chloe and Okivia XXOO