Jeannie and Eric update

Jeannie and Eric update

Good Morning Everyone, We just wanted to check in and let everyone know theat Jeannie is doing Excellent!
She is returning back to as close to a regular life as she can and has been healing and progressing quicker than expected.
Eric is also Doing Better than expected.
We are still in awe of all the support and love we received over the past months and wanted to thank you all again, You are all Forever in our hearts. Love from all of Us to all of You.

1st of May

We a fresh new Month has arrived and with it brings us that much closer to the day that Jeannie will start scaling back on some of her Medications. We can’t beleive it has been 2 months since Her transplant and Eric’s surgery.

They are both doing Great, Eric is back to his ole’ self again, getting stronger by the day and he will start swinging his Golf Clubs this again week

Jeannie is still surprising all the Dr’s with her nearly perfect recovery. She is able to go 10-12 days with out any labwork or Dr’s visits which is really raising her spirits and outlook, as well as raising mine. We are starting to think about planning our next move, Just not sure what She wants to attempt, maybe a sleep over with the Grandbabies soon… 🙂

Regardless of what it is We want to thank all of you for your love, Prayers, support and Donations and a special thank you to all who made Jeannie’s fundraiser Last Sat the wonderful success it was.

Get out and smell the May Flowers and enjoy Life, It’s a daily blessing.