Home Brew Event

Home Brew Event

We want to Thank every single person who came out yesterday for Jeannies Fundraising event at the Pine St Pub. It was just above and beyong anything we could have Imagined. Thank you Kemper and LouAnne, Your the Best! Eric Lesage you are the hero and you did an awesome job coordinating this Event! We want to thanks all the volunteers, Breweries, and all of the individuals who gave of their time and product’s You made this the Success it was. We Hope everyone who came had a wonderful time. Thanks for all your generosity and Love We will remember Yeserday forever and Hold each and everyone of you in our hearts. TY All The Lesage and Berman families.

Tomorrow 4/25/15

Well all of the love, hard work and Donations have set the stage for a great evening on Saturday 4/25/15. If you are anywhere near Inverness and the Pine St Pub tomorrow, please stop in and share in the Home Brew and BBQ Fundraiser Tomorrow night from 4:00pm til 8:00pm. It will be a great time for a great cause! We want to Thank Everyone who has helped us with this Fundraiser, you all hold a special place in our hearts,

The Lesage and Berman Families

Getting closer

Well every week brings the ups and downs, last week was like that for Jeannie.
She ended on a good note on most all of her labs.
Busy week ahead, 2 trips to Tampa Transplant center, then the Fundraiser for Jeannie at Pine St Pub, Homebrew & BBQ on Sat the 25th.
I want to personally thank all of you who have helped with the planning of this event and everyone who has volunteered their time, services, Beer, Money, Blood Sweat and elbow grease to make this Event what it will be, A great time for a Great Cause. Love and best wishes to you all and to everyone who has helped and can not make it, We are sorry we will miss you but you will be forever in our thoughts and Hearts.XXOO


All is moving along as expected. Jeannies labs are better than most but there are still bumps in the road. We are so thankful for this whole process, even with the bumps, 100 times better than the 9 hours a day of Dialysis. Just wanted to let you all know that things are progressing wonderfully 🙂 Again We could never have done this without all of the love, support, messages and donations from all of you. You will be forever in our hearts.


It is really something, looking back over the last few years and right up to today, All that has happened and is happening, We realize just what a blessing Life really is. Sure there were alot of bad times but in the end we all witnessed a miricle. Just to see Jeannies transformation from transplant up to today it is amazing. We went from complete dispair to Having the whole family at our house enjoying an Easter Egg Hunt and all sitting down for a nice Easter meal, and yes Jeannie ate what ever she wanted! 🙂

What a great day and what a great life!  Thank you all for your support and prayers, they all worked and We pray everything continue’s to go well. We will hold you all in our hearts forever.

The Lesage and Berman Families

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