begining of the end today

begining of the end today

Today is hopefully the begining of the end of our stay in Tampa after surgery. Eric will find out if he is ready to head back home after his wonderful selfless surgery. We are so excited for him and hope he can resume his life as normal, with alot of help as he can lift nothing over 10 lbs for another month atleast.

Jeannie has another important lab and Dr’s visit today to see if her meds are adjusted properly, what a science these anti-rejection drugs are to adjust, the tweeking is so intricate. She is looking and feeling like he old self and walking and eating good.

We are so thankful for this place and for all of your Love, messages, cards and donations. You will forever be in our hearts. XXOO The Lesage/Berman family


Another day in Tampa waiting for the next appt, Jeannie is getting stronger by the day! Eric is almost ready to go home! We are so thankful for all your prayers, they are working, Keep them along with your support coming, Miracles do come true! TY Everyone XXOO

just alittle bit closer…

Well it’s Sunday, 11 days since surgery, can you beleive it? 11 days since surgery! Wow where did those days go, passed like a shooting star with barely a notice. I guess the reason it is passing so fast is because Jeannie and Eric are doing so well! We could not have dreamed of a better scenerio than we are experiencing right now. Eric is looking like he might have had minor surgery,  he is doing so well, and Jeannie is transforming everyday into her old self, she is taking her time but being persistant and is walking further and faster and has been doing things around the house, just staying active and she has her appitite back now, Eric, he had his appitite the day of surgery, he was looking for a cheesburger and fries!

More labs for Jeannie on Monday and a drs visit after and then we will see what happens next. Thank you everyone for your prayers, message and donations. We will forever hold you in our hearts. XXOO

Somedays it be’s like that…

All Is going well here, Got Jeannies labs done and got a call about having to adjust her meds and we still have yet to hear back what the changes are… 3.5 hrs later… Just going to roll with it, It’s nothing serious just has to be adjusted before everyone goes home for the weekend… Other than that All is well here in Tampa. Thanks for all your Messages, Love and Support XXOO

One week out

I find it hard to beleive that a week has passed since Eric and Jeannie surgery, Just amazing how time flies. Jeannie had all her labs done yesterday and she aced everyone of them! We are so excited and releived.

Eric is doing well also, still some pain for both of them as expected but they are both troopers and don’t look like they even had surgery!

So let me tell you what Eric’s unselfish gift has done for us. 1st off he saved his Mothers life and gave her a chance for a long future with all of us. He not only save Jeannie but he saved me… I have been Dealing with Deppression and highblood pressure along with insomnia for 7 plus years, well I am happy to say that my blood pressure is just about back to normal, Deppression is gone and I am sleeping about 7 pluss hours a night now…  I am so thankful To Eric! If you think stress and lack of sleeping won’t hurt you, think again…

It seems all of our prayers have been answered. With Samantha and Jeff watching out for our affairs and keeping everything running up there in Inverness and with the Girls, Chloe and Olivia just being so darn cute, I don’t see anything but good days ahead.

Thank you all For your Prayers, Love and Support, XXOO

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