Today’s happiness

Today’s happiness

I was able to see so many friends today for the first time since Jeannie’s Transplant. It was so nice to see you all and am so glad to have seen you all. Jeannie is doing so well and we are so happy for her success. She is just laying low right now and will be back in no time! Thank you all for your Love, messages and donations. We are truly blessed and will be for ever grateful for all of you.


Dreams do come true

Well we have made it home. It seems like forever since we left but in reality Eric and Jeannie both recovered ahead of the Drs schedule’s and for that we are very thankful. If you would have told me we would be where we are today even 6 months ago, I would have replied, in my dreams, well now you see, We are living proof that Dreams really do come true. Never stop dreaming and never give up no matter how bad things get.

We want to thank everyone for your Love, Letters, Messages and Donations. You will always be in our hearts. We will still have to deal with this horrible disease for ever but it is 100% better than it was before the transplant, Jeannie looks like she is 40 yrs old! It is truley amazing. Thank You all For everything and for your continued support. All our Love and best Wishes, The Lesage and Berman Families.

Guess what!

We are home, we made it here today and are extatic! Seems like another world. no more dialysis! It’s like a dream, but so thankful for all that has happened! TY everyone  We are just letting it all set in… Jeannie passed all her tests today like she studied for them! all looks good and we are back on track More to follow tomorrow Love to everyone who has been here for us XXOO

The days are rolling on by

Wow everytime I think about it a few days have passed, Eric is home already and winning brew competitions, Jeannie spent the whole morning yesterday running around Tampa with me. Jeannie is ready to go now, she shows no signs of transplant surgery and Eric, well it was just a bump in the road for him, he’s back to normal already. We are looking forward to going home this coming week if all goes well with the testing, we will not rush it but when they give us the word, there will be a beige streak heading up 275 towards Inverness!

Again we could not have done it with out all your Love and support,  you will be in our hearts forever.  XXOO The Lesage and Berman Families.

One down, 2 to go!

Eric is leaving us today! He’s all clear to travel.So glad and thankful for him. Have a great Day everyone and we will be headig home next week if the good Lord is willing! Thanks everyone for your support and prayers Have a wonderful day all! XXOO

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