1 more week… and a wake up

1 more week… and a wake up

Isn’t it something,  how after all that We have been through in the past 34 years, all our success and failures, having our beautiful Children, watching them grow and become two of the best people you would ever want to meet,  adding Jeff and his wonderful family to our lives, being blessed with Our Granddaughters Chloe and Olivia, Meeting personally and via the internet some of the most wonderful freinds we could ask for, and yet  everything we will have in the future is about to be determined by one single day next week. With Eric’s unselfish action, Jeannies determination, Jeff and Samantha’s love and attention to the details that make up the big picture in  this battle for our future and with all of our freinds prayers, love, messages and the Lord’s Blessings, We have a positive outlook and are more confident than we have been in years, that on the 5th of Mar we will begin a new chapter and start to dream and live those dreams again.

Eric and Jeannie have their last Drs pre-op check ups today, Thank you everyone for your prayers, Love, and donations, You make this journey alittle easier and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Love to you all Bubba, Jeannie and family


8 and a wake up

I can’t beleive it, as we use to say in the military, 8 and a wake up til the surgery. So far everything is a go, Eric and Jeannine go in tomorrow for their final evaluations and cross matching. Everyday seems sureal, we are thinking about things that we have not thought about in years that we use to take for granted, even the smallest thing like Jeannie falling asleep on the Sofa and not having to wake her up and being able to have our Granddaughters have a sleep over without worrying about them accidently hitting the dialysis tube. This is truly turning out to be a miracle and a great blessing. So excited and yet still alittle anxious. Thanks to all of you have sent your kind words, blessing and donations, We love everyone of you thank you from the bottom of our hearts XOXO Bubba, Jeannie and family

Finally a day of rest

It has been quite a week and we finally have a day of rest and reflection. We truly are blessed and everyones prayers, well wishes and donations have made us realize just how blessed we are. It has been a long road to get here from when this all started and we have been standing at the starting line waiting for the new starting pistol to go off so we can get back to pursuing our dreams. Seems like ours is going to start again on the 4th and let me tell you, we have never been more ready! We know that with all the love and prayers we have in our corner, we can’t lose.

All our love and appreciation, Bubba, Jeannie Eric, Samantha, Jeff, Chloe and Olivia <3

the transplant proccess

I have to tell you, after meeting with all the Dr.s and the transplant team yesterday and having them explain the whole transplant procedure there is only one word to describe it, Amazing! What they can do now is beyond comprehension to us layman. It is a real miricale in and of itself and we are thankful for everyone who has ever worked in this field. I won’t say we’re not nervous but we are more confident than ever that Jeannie and Eric’s surgery will be a success. TY all for your love, prayers, shares and donations. We are greatful for everyone. <3 from Bubba and Family

another milestone passed

We made it home… finally. What a long stressful day. The good news is she is ready for the transplant! 🙂 🙂 🙂 we have one more apt for final cross matching and then the transplant on the 4th. Thank you all so much for your responses and well wishes, prayers and of course your generous donations. With all the love and prayers surrounding us, we can’t be beat! XXOO <3 from the Lesage family

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