Overwhelming Love & Support

Overwhelming Love & Support

Well all we can say is we are overwhelmed with the love, support and donations we have received. It has given us real hope for the future. It has been a rollercoaster of a week as you know but with a support group like we have here for us and the Good Lords blessings we are starting to become more at ease and feel we can get through this sary time we are facing. Please know we would not be able to do it without your support! TY For everything and all of our love to all of you…

Phone call

So the phone call we didn’t want to get,  never came! Although the one of the other nurses did call and said it was a perfect match and we will know exact times and dates for the surgery on Tue night! We are so optimistic now! I wanted to share this good news with everyone, again thanks to everyone who has supported us in this ordeal and I will continue to keep everyone up to date on anything that arises. Love from all of us to all of you.


Well today is another milestone for our family. Today will be the true meaning of “no news is good news” for the cross matching blood test with all the donors and recipients in the chain. You can rest assured it was a long night last night in anticipation. If they don’t contact us it means all is good… Prayers are the order for our day for sure!

I wanted to also post about Our Son Eric and his selfless act. Without him donating his healthy Kidney to another needy Person in exchange for their donors matching kidney for Jeannie, none of this would be possible. It is one of the truest acts of Love We have ever witnessed and his reward is knowing he is giving his Mother who gave him life  another chance at her’s…

We can’t thank all of you enough, just know that Jeannie is a very special Person who has been a trooper through this all and with all your prayers and support she will continue to bring sunshine into everyones lives she meets. God Bless all of you

Thank you

Good Morning everyone. We have nothing scheduled for the day but I wanted to post and let you know that all of the good news we have recieved, all of the prayers, the generous donations and well wishes from everyone of you has turned our lives around. We are once again optimistic and looking forward to watching our Grandbabies grow up and to have many years for us to enjoy together. Thanks for all of your support. God Bless all of you and remember, prayers do work!

Today’s trip to Tampa

Well all went well today, they will do the final cross match tomorrow and then a conferance call on Wed and if all goes well it look like Feb 18th is the day of the Transplant surgery, we are very nervous and excited…

We found out Jeannie is going to recieve a 37 yr old healthy females donation, she said she is going to be like a spring chicken again! She is staying up beat as the day approaches.

Eric is also doing well and he is ready to go, he’s our hero… We can’t thank everyone enough for you generous donations and caring words of support.

Thank you and God Bless all of you.

Love from, Jeannie and Family

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